'Thrasher V2'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. 2011.05.28 Thrasher V2 and Vandal Finalized





Sorry to lag on the photo updates. Thrasher V2′s (frames) are ordered and will arrive in July.  Above and below is what it’ll look like. Featuring: Steeper HT, Longer TT, Accepts 50c (2.0) tire, Bigger 14mm dropouts and thicker triangle tubing.  Colors will be: Black and Raw (pictured).  Holy Snap! more



After going back and forth on the Vandal’s geometry we finally locked it down and got our production order in. Above is what it’ll look like built up. We’ll have the Vandal frame page up asap.  We’re all really happy the way it turned out, especially Steven (Jensen) who has been a huge help on the overall geometry.

드디어 기다리고 기다리던 트래셔v2와 반달의 최종 지오메트리가 정해졌네요

개인적으로 정말 멋집니다 어디하나 흠 잡을곳 없어 보이는 트래셔v2와 반달은

6월말 바이클립스에 입고 됩니다 !!

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